DUE TO HIGH NUMBER OF ORDERS, WE APOLOGIZE IF YOUR SELECTION IS OUT OF STOCK. Please contact us if you would like updates on new style releases.

Our Promise

We promise to create quality products.  We are a stand for durability and longevity.  Our collection will withstand the test of time.  Yet all natural matter, including you and me, will evolve and change over time. We all beautifully age with each experience and encounter.  It’s a wonderful part of our journey that we encourage all to embrace.

We promise to always strive to source ethically.  We promise to know the hands involved in making our creations and in compensating fairly.  We promise to do our best when applicable, to source organically.

We promise to keep improving.  We are a human brand.  As we create, we learn and evolve. We love feedback and welcome the opportunity to learn from you.