Kimi's "Light Winds" Coffee

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The first words Kimi says every morning when she wakes up is "Today is going to be a great day." The very next words are almost always, "Coffee please!" So to honor both her love for coffee and her home island, we have teamed up with Master Coffee Roaster, James Webb of Ali'i Coffee Company to create a very special blend that is made with 100% Maui coffee beans.

Kimi swore she would never create a light roast as she loves her coffee dark and strong.  However through countless hours of roasting, tasting and learning from the master, Kimi discovered that when coffee is roasted lighter, it is indeed stronger because less caffeine is burnt away from the beans.  Furthermore, through many blind tastings, James also taught her that when beans are roasted lighter, more flavors and characteristics are revealed.  

The result from this collaboration is a blend of Maui coffee roasted lightly to perfection.  These beans are packaged whole so that you can grind them yourself and truly taste the different layers of deep and earthy undertones balanced with hints of chocolate. We named this blend "Light Winds" to celebrate the fact that light can be bold and better.